I have always been a big fan of large strategic games, and have authored large games in the past, most notably EvR (Empire Vs Republic) which I ran for a few years back in the 90s and early 2000s. EvR was completely strategic in that all you could view was a large galaxy map and move fleets around. You could track what kinds of ships you had but could never view them down to the individual ship. All tactical elements of the game were done through a 3D space game called Homeworld, modded to contain Star Wars universe ships. The game could generate the mission files needed to play Homeworld missions, and worked well in that manner. But, I had always wanted to make the transition between strategic and tactical play more seamless. Thus GalSim was born.

GalSim (Galactic Simulation) allows the player to control fleets down to the individual ship level, allowing tactical orders like Attack, Defend, Patrol, etc. The game also will resolve all tactical results, negating the use of having the game tied to another one.

I have been working on-and-off on GalSim for at least the last four years and have pretty much quit several times, but a few months ago I got motivated to finish the game, or at least get it out to the public to play. That is where it stands right now. The first version of the game to be released is a pure battle engine, allowing players to work out how to order ships, fight, and allow the initial development of tactics. There is much more code to the game, allowing for building of ships, establishment of an entire economy, but that is being held back until the tactical portion is thoroughly tested first. Plus, blowing stuff up is a pretty fun way to get acclimated to the game.

Like EvR, GalSim is ran through a JAVA GUI that logs into a server to write user orders. The server will periodically advance the game in a turn-based manner and will allow the user to get updated info when they refresh or login.

Below is a list of features included with the game. Some will not be available in this first release. Those with an (I) are included, (C) are coded but not available yet, (F) are future features:

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