The GalSim GUI runs on Java, so you will need the Java Runtime Environment. The current version is Java 6, but Galsim will run with Java 5 (at least version 1.5.0_08). Goto HERE to get the latest version. Select JAVA RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT 6 (currently at update 6). Follow the install instructions. Its pretty simple.

Get the Java GUI code. You can download it by clicking this LINK. Extract it to your harddrive.

Find the galsim.bat file in the directory you downloaded and double click it. A MSDOS window will pop up and then the GUI should come up soon after.

If you haven't already, contact me at the email address below to join. I will reply back and send you your login ID and password when you are added in to the game database. After you login successfully for the first time, you can establish your own username and password (NOTE: you will ALWAYS use the original login ID to login, NOT your username. your username is an in-game name that others will see you as).

I will start you with one ship, a small shuttle for your in-game persona. This shuttle, a LDR class ship, is VERY IMPORTANT. Keep it out of harms way, or else you lose alot of abilities in the game (not as much in this version, but definitely in the full version of the game).

The initial version of the game that you will be playing does not have the ship building code enabled, so you will purchase ships by sending in orders via the GUI to the GM for the ships you want. Lots of analysis has been done by the players and there are helpful comparison files available on the forum. I will give each person a money amount to use for purchases. Later in the real game this is all automated. I will probably start things off slowly, giving you enough for a few smaller ships, then I will raise the limit as people are more comfortable with the game and we work the bugs out.

To Join contact markb50k at gmail dot com